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Status Planned
Created by Allison Allen
Created on Nov 21, 2023

Enrollment page (part of Welcome Page) in Open Enrollment needs to show true Current Benefits, not enrollment in benefits that are part of OE

During OE, when a person sees the enrollment page, as part of the Welcome page step, it shows benefits that are part of OE. It either needs to show their true enrollments or have a message with and easy link (or make it clear they need to click on the lightbulb) as to what they actually have. If a user creates new Group Health plans, for example Medical and links those to OE (since the current are expiring at the end of the current plan year), it will show as "Not Enrolled" for that Plan Group. This creates much confusion for employees as they assume they are not enrolled in that benefit. When, if fact, they are. They then call HR and it has to be explained. When you have a fairly large employment population, this can get overwhelming for the HR staff. The ability to see and compare 'current benefits' easily as part of OE is a common feature in other HCM applications.

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