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Update Benefits Process change to run by Benefit, then employee and allow a date and reason

When the Update Benefit Process is run, it runs first by employee, then benefit. It also defaults the date to the date the process is run and reason of Update Benefits. It needs to be changed to first run by Benefit, then employee. This way the hi...
Allison Allen 8 days ago in Human Resources 2 Needs review

Physician Information needs to be excluded as Mandatory on the OSHA detail page for First Aid Only.

First Aid entries are for incidences a user wants to track but are not reportable and usually don't require Physician Treatment intervention. This includes Physician/Care Proder Name and Address, Treatment Facility.
Allison Allen 4 days ago in Human Resources 0 Needs review

Add employee status to Logon Maintenance in Sage ESS

In Sage ESS Logon Maintenance, there is a field called Status. Users think this is the Employee Status in Sage HRMS. It causes confusion when they see Terminated Employees in the list. It would be helpful to relabel that as ESS Logon Status and ad...
Allison Allen 17 days ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

Delete multiple Life Events based on certain criteria

The capability needs to be added to mass remove Life Events by allowing various criteria selections, for example, by Status, Date Range of start date of Life Event, individually selecting from a list, etc.
Allison Allen about 1 month ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 1 Future consideration

Process Management needs a help menu item

Confirming that you are using the new Process Management in ESS is difficult. One cannot easily find any help or detailed examples on how the scheduler works, what the Process Type does, whether it applies to all users/employees, and what happens ...
Guest 9 days ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

Disallow duplicate transaction numbers

Build into the system that a transaction number within any one Bank Setup not be allowed. This will aid clients and their banking arrangements, as this affects positive pay and other reporting matters.
Guest 2 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Life Events selection based on Benefit, not Plan Group

When you create an Open Enrollment, you can select the exact Benefits, i.e. Benefit Elections. When you create a Life Event, you select the Plan Group. This then rolls in all Benefit Elections linked to that Plan Group. The option needs to be cons...
Allison Allen 3 months ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Future consideration

Cannot type in dates in Employee Tasks in Web Portal

When going to update a date field (pay effective date for instance), you cannot type in the date. It immediately pops up the calendar, and you have to search for the date month by month. We should have the ability to type in the date as well as us...
Paralea Boose 3 months ago in Web Version HRMS 0 Needs review

W-2 Reporting for Combined Employee/Employer Amounts Should be Single Code

W-2 reporting for combined employee/ employer reporting should be tied to a single deduction code in Sage HRMS payroll. Currently a deduction code (employee W-2 reporting) and also a benefit code (employer W-2 reporting) are both required for corr...
Guest 4 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Return from Leave allow option to NOT automatically accrue Time Off plans to current

The Return from Leave Task automatically accrues time through the current date. Most of the time this is not wanted as the Accrued Through date should only be as of the most recently pay period end date. There needs to be an option on the first st...
Allison Allen 2 months ago in Human Resources 1 Future consideration