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Allow captions to be entered for the UDFs on all benefits to be set at the benefit rule level

It's really annoying that we can't set captions for these fields so that users don't have to "remember" what goes in these fields. They are used in rate tables, as well as for benefits messenger.� There should be another tab in the insurance/savin...
Paralea Boose over 1 year ago in Benefits 0 Future consideration

Tab Field Order in Beneficiaries

Change the tabbing order through the fields in the Distribution details for beneficiaries. It shouldn't tab through the buttons first, then the actual fields, but the reverse of that.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Benefits 0 Needs review

Add - Benefit Eligible Field - on Benefits Detail Page - for ACA compliance in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Add a field that notes benefits eligiblity. This could be an additiional table that users define as to what type of benefit eligibility the employee is 'at' (ie Not eligible, Director, Owner, Employee, Part-Time, etc.). This should have an effecti...
Guest about 2 years ago in Benefits 0 Needs review

Rename benefit start date to deduction start date and add a Needs Review benefit start date

Many clients start withholding for benefits prior to the start date. �The existing field is already programmed to go to payroll so make that the deduction start date and add a Needs Review benefit start date field. �In benefit plan Setup add a che...
Paralea Boose almost 7 years ago in Benefits 0 Needs review

Add Total Premium to the Benefit Reports to compare to invoicing

The reports (specifically the report by plan) have employee premium and dependent premium, but do not total these columns so that you can actually compare it to the invoice from the carriers.
Joyce Tharp over 9 years ago in Benefits 0 Future consideration

When adding plans to the Savings Plan screen, it should automatically run update benefits for that person to check 401k matches in Savings Plan Groups

If an employer is using the Savings Plan Groups to control the employer match, then adding any plan to the Savings screen that is affected by the Savings Plan Groups should immediately recalculate. What is happening is someone has traditional 401k...
Paralea Boose about 3 years ago in Benefits 0 Planned

Enroll in Needs Review plan - allow user to choose an existing plan rather than building a Needs Review plan

A Needs Review benefit year can mean a Needs Review benefit carrier, Needs Review plan, Needs Review rates. When you expire a benefit it allows you to enroll employees into a Needs Review plan, but you have to build it then on the fly! That doesn'...
Guest about 3 years ago in Benefits 0 Needs review

Update the Benefits Detail pages to show more columns and allow the captions of user defined fields to be set for each benefit in the benefit rule

On the Savings page, the Employer Percent field, Latest Change field, and Automatic Update field should have columns in the list view; If you leave the PreTax field, there needs to be a way to indicate at the rule level if this savings benefit is ...
Paralea Boose over 3 years ago in Benefits 0 Future consideration

Allow Update Benefits to be run for just one person, or group.

Sometimes a change is being run for just a couple people, yet still needs Update Benefits to be run. Allow the ability to select a person or org level or other criteria�within this process.�
Guest about 3 years ago in Benefits 0 Needs review