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Deleting an Employee Record in SAGE if they have Payroll Records

If an employee does not start with a company and they are already in SAGE through an HR Action you cannot delete because they have payroll records attached to them. There needs to be a way to delete even if this is true.
Guest 4 months ago in System 1 Future consideration

Allow selecting in employer from home screen after login

Often (>50% of the time), a user cannot select an employer from the home screen. A user has to go to something else first, such as looking up any employee, in order to allow that option to be availalble. This is a defect, and should be correcte...
Guest almost 2 years ago in System 0 Future consideration

Payroll Template / defaults

There should be payroll defaults assigned that automatically check the pay frequencies, groups, etc. when payroll is run rather than having to go through and check what we want every single time.
Joyce Tharp almost 8 years ago in System 0 Future consideration

Add the ability to store a Sage 100 User id and password in the Sage 100 link for each company

It is very cumbersome to have to close completely out of the link and log back in again just to change companies. It would be great if the link could store a user id and password, and also allow us to change companies within the link without havin...
Joyce Tharp over 8 years ago in System 0 Future consideration