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FMLA not an assumed addtion to leave plans during New Hire task

Manage this one of two ways: 1) Don't assume FMLA is added to all clients, as some customers employee count is smaller than this law enforces compliance for. 2) Offer the chance to define which plans are automatically added to employees, similar t...
Susan Larson 7 days ago in Time Off 0 Needs review

Accrual Sync - PR to HR

Provide a feature to sync the accrual code in payroll with the attendance plan in HR by an employee, outside the payroll process.
Guest over 1 year ago in Time Off 0 Needs review

Have HRMS write into Absence Transactions when an accrual is suspended and released from suspension for better tracking and auditing

Currently you can suspend an accrual for a period of time, but there is no record of that suspension anywhere in HRMS. Having it add into the absence transactions with a specific system code, or the reason code/good description and zero hours, whe...
Paralea Boose almost 2 years ago in Time Off 0 Future consideration

"Creating Local Data Caches" - Hold Over From Suite

The process that creates local data caches in HRMS is a holdover from Abra Suite and should be removed. This process was built into the product when network speeds were slower but it has recently changed and does not seem helpful.As of the Q4 2022...
Guest about 1 year ago in Time Off 0 Needs review

Need a process to add Accrual codes and distribution codes to employees when you tie a time off plan to an accrual code--currently this is a manual process!

There needs to be a process that goes through each employee and adds the correct accrual plan with the correct distribution code to each employee's pay tab.� If there are hundreds, let alone thousands of employees, this is a very time consuming ta...
Paralea Boose almost 6 years ago in Time Off 0 Needs review

Leave plans should fit governmental mandates

Real world leave management allows for a carry over balance (of ANY amount especially in Sick leave), an accrual with a cap that is managed for just the current accrual year and doesn't consider the balance or carry over, and lastly an ability to ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Time Off 0 Needs review