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Automatic log out of users

Allow for a system configuration item to define a time of day that users would be programmatically logged out of Sage HRMS if they have not logged out for the day.�
Guest about 3 years ago in System 0 Needs review

User Security list - include active/inactive column in list

Add consistency throughout the product by moving the active/inactive status to be easier to see within the list of users. This aids users as well who maintain security to have easy visibility to this.�
Guest about 3 years ago in System 0 Needs review

Payroll Template / defaults

There should be payroll defaults assigned that automatically check the pay frequencies, groups, etc. when payroll is run rather than having to go through and check what we want every single time.
Joyce Tharp almost 8 years ago in System 0 Future consideration

Allow authorized users to change their own PW

After being assigned a username and pw, Users are not allowed to go in and change their own PW. Users should have the option to reset their own pw in the system.
Guest over 1 year ago in System 0 Needs review

Add the ability to store a Sage 100 User id and password in the Sage 100 link for each company

It is very cumbersome to have to close completely out of the link and log back in again just to change companies. It would be great if the link could store a user id and password, and also allow us to change companies within the link without havin...
Joyce Tharp over 8 years ago in System 0 Future consideration

Allow access to custom detail fields inside of Organization Codes Detail

When adding a code to a user defined code table, there are 6 fields that you can add custom information to. I would like to have those fields to put data into when adding or modifying an organization code. Since all the codes go into the same tabl...
Guest about 4 years ago in System 0 Needs review