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Updates to group security

Allow the option under each employer to default to all No's unless selected, or a master box at the top to allow you to disclude everything (or uncheck) and only check the items needed.�Provide the option to copy security from one employer to anot...
Guest over 1 year ago in System 0 Needs review

Deleting an Employee Record in SAGE if they have Payroll Records

If an employee does not start with a company and they are already in SAGE through an HR Action you cannot delete because they have payroll records attached to them. There needs to be a way to delete even if this is true.
Guest 4 months ago in System 1 Future consideration

Access to employees directly

In some clients: when a user has no access to some companies and employees, the system forces the user to open and view an employee prior to allowing any menu options to be selected. This should be corrected. I can provide an example of this to de...
Guest 9 months ago in System 0 Needs review

Get a better Customer Service Platform. A meeting link. The phone calls never seem to come through.

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in System 1 Will not implement

Add the Employer Federal ID field to Employer Setup instead of Enterprise Setup

The Federal Tax ID number field is at Enterprise setup instead of Employer setup. The Federal Tax ID number is often used for reporting by employer, so it would be nice to have that handy. Not everyone has payroll, so it needs to be stored on the ...
Paralea Boose about 2 years ago in System 0 Needs review

Give users the ability to enable dark mode in HRMS

The Sage HRMS Subscription model removes most of the color from HRMS, making it difficult to see when a box ends and a Needs Review one starts. It is all white or light shades of grey. The HRMS application feels unfinished. The end user should be ...
Guest 11 months ago in System 0 Needs review

Allow selecting in employer from home screen after login

Often (>50% of the time), a user cannot select an employer from the home screen. A user has to go to something else first, such as looking up any employee, in order to allow that option to be availalble. This is a defect, and should be correcte...
Guest almost 2 years ago in System 0 Future consideration

Sage HRMS Client Install ICON

Please modify the icon used for the default client installation or do not drop that installation icon on the client desktops at all.�Because the icon is the same picture as the icon to actually launch Sage HRMS it confuses end users, and it can ca...
Guest over 2 years ago in System 0 Needs review

Custom Detail Pages fall into standard Detail Page tabs

Enable capability to see all employee detail options tabs including Personal, Job/Pay, etc. while in Custom Detail pages, rather than having to select View/Edit again to obtain those choices for screen changes.�
Guest over 2 years ago in System 0 Needs review

Audit Trail fields need reindexing.

I was just doing some training and found that the Audit Trail indexing seems to be messed up . When I selected the Employee Personnel here, it only took us to this short list of fields. The rest of the fields in that table are quite far down the l...
Guest over 2 years ago in System 0 Needs review