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Disallow duplicate transaction numbers

Build into the system that a transaction number within any one Bank Setup not be allowed. This will aid clients and their banking arrangements, as this affects positive pay and other reporting matters.
Guest 3 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Add a way to manually sync the payroll DB

We have issues where they payroll database gets un-synced and then there is typically some messing about with getting users past that then for whatever reason it will sync again. This would be much easier if we could re-sync it ourselves and save ...
Guest 17 days ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

W-2 Reporting for Combined Employee/Employer Amounts Should be Single Code

W-2 reporting for combined employee/ employer reporting should be tied to a single deduction code in Sage HRMS payroll. Currently a deduction code (employee W-2 reporting) and also a benefit code (employer W-2 reporting) are both required for corr...
Guest 5 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Gross Up Calculator - don't import all pay lines in the generated timecard

The generated timecard needs to bring in only the applicable earnings/deductions. Currently it brings over everything from the Pay Page which can be a very cumbersome timecard. Users then manually delete the extra line entries manually.
Allison Allen 6 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Payroll Accruals run every time you calculate -- we should have a choice whether or not to run and they should only run for whomever is being calculated

In larger companies, the payroll accrual process that runs at the beginning of calculate payroll can take a long time. Either break that out to it's on menu/process flow item, or give us the option to not have it run. If we are recalculating, ther...
Paralea Boose 7 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Gross Up Calculator - Ability to Print Calculation results

It would be nice to have the ability to print the calculation results from the Gross Up Calculator for reference. Currently people with take a snippet or write down the line item results.
Allison Allen 6 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Sort current check date to shown on top in Payroll/Employee Activity/Checks

Please set up so current check date shown on top line in Payroll/Employee Activity/Checks so we don't have to scroll down to look for it. Or add a sort button.
Guest 6 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Reverse Transactions does not allow for a specific reversal date when you reverse multiple transactions

In Reverse Transactions, you cannot set the reversal date globally. You have to set it on each line item, unless you want it to inherit today's date from your workstation (which is often not the case). If you just finished a payroll incorrectly an...
Paralea Boose 9 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Check Number field in checks have security

Add to security to not allow the next available check number to be modified when check printing is occurring, sans specific users, defined in security.
Guest 3 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Supplimental wages over $1M - must be taxes at 37% as per IRS publication 15. Wages under $1M are taxed at 22%

No description provided
Guest 3 months ago in Payroll 1 Will not implement