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Cannot type in dates in Employee Tasks in Web Portal

When going to update a date field (pay effective date for instance), you cannot type in the date. It immediately pops up the calendar, and you have to search for the date month by month. We should have the ability to type in the date as well as us...
Paralea Boose 13 days ago in Web Version HRMS 0 Needs review

Life Events selection based on Benefit, not Plan Group

When you create an Open Enrollment, you can select the exact Benefits, i.e. Benefit Elections. When you create a Life Event, you select the Plan Group. This then rolls in all Benefit Elections linked to that Plan Group. The option needs to be cons...
Allison Allen 13 days ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Needs review

W-2 Reporting for Combined Employee/Employer Amounts Should be Single Code

W-2 reporting for combined employee/ employer reporting should be tied to a single deduction code in Sage HRMS payroll. Currently a deduction code (employee W-2 reporting) and also a benefit code (employer W-2 reporting) are both required for corr...
Guest 27 days ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Get a better Customer Service Platform. A meeting link. The phone calls never seem to come through.

No description provided
Guest 5 days ago in System 0 Needs review

Gross Up Calculator - don't import all pay lines in the generated timecard

The generated timecard needs to bring in only the applicable earnings/deductions. Currently it brings over everything from the Pay Page which can be a very cumbersome timecard. Users then manually delete the extra line entries manually.
Allison Allen 2 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Payroll Accruals run every time you calculate -- we should have a choice whether or not to run and they should only run for whomever is being calculated

In larger companies, the payroll accrual process that runs at the beginning of calculate payroll can take a long time. Either break that out to it's on menu/process flow item, or give us the option to not have it run. If we are recalculating, ther...
Paralea Boose 3 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Insurance and Savings Benefit inactive plans

There needs to be the capability to filter in Setup, Employees, Insurance Benefits/Savings Benefits to only show Active Benefit Plans. For people who have annual plans, this table can get very cumbersome with all the inactive plans automatically s...
Allison Allen 3 months ago in Human Resources 0 Needs review

Add option for Time Off Calendar to select to approve pending time off transactions from the calendar.

Add option for Time Off Calendar to select to approve pending time off transactions from the calendar, in addition to the Notifications area.
Guest 9 months ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

Effective Date needs to be updated to the Needs Review date if an employee elected a benefit, waived it, then elected again. Or, as an alternative, an alternate date needs to be created to store "subsequent election" date - different from Latest Change

The absence of this functionality requires 100% review of employees adding plans to ensure the plan was not previously enrolled. The standard reporting does not support this review. And the subsequent changes require manual intervention. While cus...
Allison Allen 9 months ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Needs review

Reverse Transactions does not allow for a specific reversal date when you reverse multiple transactions

In Reverse Transactions, you cannot set the reversal date globally. You have to set it on each line item, unless you want it to inherit today's date from your workstation (which is often not the case). If you just finished a payroll incorrectly an...
Paralea Boose 5 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review