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Ability to Store Coverage Type value on Election Requirements page, even if another mapping requirement is selected

The Election Requirement Page needs to be updated to allow optional information in the Value Column (or a new column if easier) to update into HRMS from OE or QLE Benefit Enrollment to update the Coverage Type field for the applicable benefit in H...
Allison Allen 5 days ago in Employee Self Service 0 Planned

"Make additional changes" shortcut link more visible

With more people accessing Benefit Enrollment on tablets and the future roadmap plan to allow Benefit Enrollment via mobile it would be helpful if the "Make Changes" shortcut link in the upper right of Open Enrollment were more visible. For exampl...
Allison Allen 11 days ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Planned

Enrollment page (part of Welcome Page) in Open Enrollment needs to show true Current Benefits, not enrollment in benefits that are part of OE

During OE, when a person sees the enrollment page, as part of the Welcome page step, it shows benefits that are part of OE. It either needs to show their true enrollments or have a message with and easy link (or make it clear they need to click on...
Allison Allen 12 days ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Planned

Payroll Accruals run every time you calculate -- we should have a choice whether or not to run and they should only run for whomever is being calculated

In larger companies, the payroll accrual process that runs at the beginning of calculate payroll can take a long time. Either break that out to it's on menu/process flow item, or give us the option to not have it run. If we are recalculating, ther...
Paralea Boose 16 days ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Change Date and Reason need to be required on changes to Current Job/Pay

Too often, changes get made but these fields don't get filled in. This causes erroneous history, which makes reporting a nightmare. These fields should be required for any change.
Paralea Boose 16 days ago in Human Resources 1 Already exists

Insurance and Savings Benefit inactive plans

There needs to be the capability to filter in Setup, Employees, Insurance Benefits/Savings Benefits to only show Active Benefit Plans. For people who have annual plans, this table can get very cumbersome with all the inactive plans automatically s...
Allison Allen 16 days ago in Human Resources 0 Needs review

Employee Contribution available as an option in "Store Election Value in" field

We need the ability to save an election, specifically if an "Amount Entry Only" option directly into the Employee Contribution field. An example is for FSA or HSA type benefits where the employee is instructed to enter their elected contribution. ...
Allison Allen 24 days ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 1 Future consideration

Sage ESS Premium Email Address has label of Personal and Alternate in Page View. The Personal label needs to be changed to Primary or something similar to make it more consistent with HRMS label

In HRMS the Email fields on the Demographic page are generically labeled as Email and Alternate Email.; In Sage ESS on the Personal Information Page they are labeled ;Personal; and ;Alternate Email;. That is confusing as it is usually not a Person...
Allison Allen 3 months ago in Employee Self Service 0 Planned

Password Reset email from Sage ESS has incorrect option.

When an employee is locked out of ESS, the email they receive from Sage ESS when the HR Administrator clicks 'Reset Password' still says "Click on Forgot Your Password". This option no longer exists. The option now is "User Name and Password Help".
Allison Allen about 1 month ago in Employee Self Service 1 Planned

View Builder - needs to include Custom Detail Calculated Fields

Many users create View Builder views in Sage ESS as a way to show Custom Detail page information as those are not available for activation in Employer Setup. However, calculated fields are not available for selection. These need to be made availab...
Allison Allen about 1 month ago in Employee Self Service 0 Future consideration