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Terminated employee access for a time limit

Provide an option to allow Terminated Employees to access ESS for a certain period of time (ie 90 days) from Termination Date.
Guest about 1 year ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

Provide sort capability on Job History Detail Page listing to include date and reason

Provide sort capability on Job History Detail Page listing to include reason code, as well as date. Often clients deem a reason code more applicable for history review, and date secondarily. This sort capabilty option could pertain to other column...
Guest over 1 year ago in Human Resources 0 Needs review

Add a Page to ESS for announcments

Add a place in ESS for announcments, including the ability to link documents to these announcements.
Guest over 1 year ago in Employee Self Service 0 Planned

Process Management needs a help menu item

Confirming that you are using the new Process Management in ESS is difficult. One cannot easily find any help or detailed examples on how the scheduler works, what the Process Type does, whether it applies to all users/employees, and what happens ...
Guest 2 months ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

Ability to enter SSN without dashes for ESS Logon creation/authentication

Remove the requirement to include dashes in SSN when entering for the various Sage ESS authentication/logon creation requirements. Or, add the capability to toggle whether the dashes will be required in Employer Setup, Settings
Allison Allen 10 months ago in Employee Self Service 1 Planned

Sort current check date to shown on top in Payroll/Employee Activity/Checks

Please set up so current check date shown on top line in Payroll/Employee Activity/Checks so we don't have to scroll down to look for it. Or add a sort button.
Guest 7 months ago in Payroll 1 Future consideration

Option to mass delete Sage ESS Benefit Letters

There is the ability under "Maintain Benefit Letters" in Sage ESS under the Benefit Administrator to delete benefit letters individually. There doesn't appear to be the ability to mass delete. As more letters are generated, this area could become ...
Allison Allen 7 months ago in Employee Self Service 0 Future consideration

Reverse Transactions does not allow for a specific reversal date when you reverse multiple transactions

In Reverse Transactions, you cannot set the reversal date globally. You have to set it on each line item, unless you want it to inherit today's date from your workstation (which is often not the case). If you just finished a payroll incorrectly an...
Paralea Boose 10 months ago in Payroll 0 Needs review

Approve Life Event

We used to be able to delete In-Progress or Pending Life events but that option is no longer available. This feature is a great tool�when trying to fix a life event and also very useful during open enrollment. Please bring back this feature. We us...
Guest about 1 year ago in Open Enrollment/Life Event 0 Needs review

Sage ESS Premium - All menus previously available in Existing Version need to be moved to Premium - Specifically noted for this Post - Training Pages

The ability to see Training pages in Sage ESS Mobile is not available.� Clients getting pushed to move to Mobile and losing this functionality.� Please add the Training pages to Sage ESS Mobile.
Allison Allen about 2 years ago in Employee Self Service 0 Planned