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List Current Benefit Offerings Alphabetically

In Current Benefits in ESS, can the benefits be listed alphabetically?
Guest almost 4 years ago in Employee Self Service 0 Needs review

E-Mail HR Admins When Time Off Request Approved by Manager

We use a Master Time Off / PTO Calendar so that the entire company can see who is off and when.� I would like for users assigned as HR Admins to receive an e-mail when the Manager approves an Employee's time off request so that we know it's offici...
Guest over 4 years ago in Employee Self Service 0 Future consideration

Nickname field displayed in search criteria and display

When using Advanced Find, make Nickname a searchable field and include it in the display columns.
Guest about 2 years ago in Human Resources 0 Planned

Include Workers Comp in the Open Payroll integration process

Workers comp setup at the employee level is no longer available in the Job and Pay tab like in Abra Suite. WC can now only be updated in the employee Payroll record under the Class/Schd tab. Ideally there would be a way to enter the WC code in HRM...
Guest over 6 years ago in Sage 300 Payroll Link 0 Planned

Open Payroll should be able to run by Salary/Hourly and by Exempt/NonExempt too.

Often earnings codes/benefits are based on salary/hourly or exempt/nonexempt. Not allowing Open Payroll to be run based on these fields means we have to duplicate them in an org level (wasting a perfectly good org level) for this purpose.
Joyce Tharp almost 8 years ago in Sage 300 Payroll Link 0 Planned

Allow access to custom detail fields inside of Organization Codes Detail

When adding a code to a user defined code table, there are 6 fields that you can add custom information to. I would like to have those fields to put data into when adding or modifying an organization code. Since all the codes go into the same tabl...
Guest almost 4 years ago in System 0 Needs review

401k % open payroll to send more than 2 decimals to payroll

Open Payroll updates pay rates to 4-5 decimals, but all deductions only go to 2 decimals. This works great for flat deductions, but for % deductions would like to have it send down 4-5 decimal places. We have a client that needs this for 401k matc...
Joyce Tharp over 7 years ago in Sage 300 Payroll Link 0 Needs review

Manager Information Views

I had an inquiry from a manager who wanted to see Compensation information on an employee who reported to one of his direct reports.� Under the Organization Tab he can see all the indirect reports, but under any of the other Tab the Manager cannot...
Guest about 4 years ago in Employee Self Service 0 Future consideration

Timecard historic retention

Clients have asked to have visibility to old time cards in some format following payroll processing. Two ideas: 1) Move to a similar set of tables for historic timecards, and delete from standard tables. 2) Change a status in the timecards, so one...
Guest 5 months ago in Payroll 0 Future consideration

Name fields (first and last name) appear to allow up to 39 Characters - Make these the same throughout the software

We use KnowledgeSync to create Alert emails etc. from queries made on our HRMS data.� I have noticed inconsistencies with the queried results when filters are placed on the Manager/Supervisor fields.� This seems to be due to a mismatch in the leng...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Secure Query 0 Future consideration